Cruel Intentions 2 (2001)

They made a Cruel Intentions 2, I hear you say? Baby, they made three of them.

This was intended to be the Fox TV series Manchester Prep, a re-imagined prequel to the first film that was canceled before it even made it on the air in 1999. 13 episodes were ordered with original Cruel Intentions director Roger Kumble writing and executive producing the series, two were filmed and Rupert Murdoch himself was upset with all the incest, teenage sex and a scene with a female teen character was aroused by a horse’s penis.

Columbia TriStar Home Video repackaged the two existing episodes of the show as a direct-to-video film, but not before adding nudity and even more sex, including dialogue like “At this rate, your dick ll be in my mouth by lunch.”

Sebastian Valmont (Robin Dunne) has transferred to Manchester Prep following his father Edward’s (David McIlwraith) remarriage. Then he meets his new rival, his stepsister Kathryn Merteuil (Amy Adam, well before she was someone who starred in films and instead was playing sexy teens in Fox TV series) who warns him to stay out of her business. He then falls for Danielle Sherman (Sarah Thompson), the one girl — the only virgin in town — who he thinks is normal in this rich school filled with secret societies.

Man, how I wish this show had made it to TV because it is absolute trash and I say that with all the best of meanings. I actually prefer Dunne to Ryan Phillipe, but as good as Amy Adams is, she in no way can match the sheer menace that Sarah Michelle Gellar was so perfect at being a horrible person that one wonders if anyone can act that well.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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