American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)

After The Naked Mile, Erik Stifler (John White) and his cousin Dwight (Steve Talley) are back as Erik finally makes it to college and, well, gets to be in cosplay Animal House. Erik has brought along his friend Mike “Cooze” Coozeman (Jake Siegel) and has already broken up with his girlfriend Tracy, so any of the reason for the last movie having tension are over. Now, it’s time to join Beta House and sleep with co-eds.

Unlike the other Stiflers, Erik is a nice guy and falls for Ashley Thomas (Meghan Heffern), a nice girl confirming that Erik is again not like everyone else. Cooze gets into her roommate Denise (Sarah Power) who gives handjobs instead of sex, so everyone thinks she’s transgender because 2007 was not all that very long ago. There’s also Bobby (Nick Nicotera), the gross-out friend who is supposed to have an equally non-attractive girlfriend, except that beauty standards have also changed since this was made and Margie (Christine Barger) is super cute and way more sex positive than any other woman in this movie.

Then the movie becomes Revenge of the Nerds and goes into a series of drunken games officiated by Noah Levenstein (Eugene Levy), reminding us that this is an American Pie movie.

This was directed by Andrew Waller and written by Erik Lindsay, who was also behind the script from The Naked Mile. Do you need to watch it? Do you have a Christopher McDonald Letterboxd list? Or are you just trying to watch bad sequels like me?

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