American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005)

Look, if there weren’t going to be any more American Pie movies in theaters, there would always be people who would rent the direct-to-video sequels. You know, like me. I’m a completist. How many Amityville movies does it take to stop my OCD? How many Hellraiser films? Well, here you go: a whole series of American Pie movies that just have Jim’s dad (Eugene Levy) and Stifler’s family to have the smallest of all threads.

Well, also Chuck Sherman, who is now a guidance counselor and sends Stifler’s little brother Matt (Tad Hilgenbrink, who is also in Lost Boys: The Tribe) to band camp where he’s guided by, yes, Jim’s dad. There are also plenty of hot young women — and also a little older ones, because Ginger Lynn plays the camp nurse — to be part of his new adult video Bandeez Gone Wild. He’s following in his brother’s footsteps, as Stiffler is a porn director, despite the alternate world of American Reunion where we learn that he’s suffering in the world after high school.

He also falls for Elyse Houston (Arielle Kebbel), who has the entire band play a Tal Bachman song. You know, the guy who sang “She’s So High.” Oh man, the 2000s, right? The music in this is strange because it has a lot of covers, as I imagine the lower budget could accommodate Andrew W.K. but led to a cover of James’ “Laid” and Linda Perry playing Pink’s “Get the Party Started.”

Director Steve Rash also made Under the RainbowSon In Law, Can’t Buy Me Love and direct-to-video sequels to Bring It On and Road Trip. This was written by Brad Riddell, who made Slap Shop 3 and I had no idea there was a Slap Shot 2.

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