TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Bed Rest (2022)

Directed and written by Lori Evans Taylor (she produced 216 episodes of Lucky Dog, a Saturday morning show that I have watched and cried through many times and she’s the writer for the upcoming Final Destination 6), Bed Rest skipped theaters and went right to Tubi, where we discover that Julie (Melissa Barrera, Scream) and Guy Rivers (Guy Burnet) have moved into a new home just a few months before she’s due to have their first child. She has some issues with her pregnancy and is moved to mandatory bed rest — the title does not lie — but then there are ghosts troubling her from bedside. Or, as my wife said as she walked in to this, “Is this another one of those dumb Amityville movies you’re obsessed with?”

Julie has lost a baby before and has some past mental health issues, which now it seems like she’s seeing a five-year-old child in her house, the same age as the boy she lost. Yet when that boy tells her that someone is coming for her baby, that’s when this kicks into gear.

There may have been other children murdered in the home, but is there really a haunting? Is this all in our protagonist’s mind? Are her husband and nurse Delmy Walker (Edie Inksetter) just gaslighting her into better mental health? Will I watch everything that Tubi has as one of their originals?

In your heart, you know the answer.

You can watch this on Tubi.


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