Voodoo Dawn (1991)

Based on a book by John Russo, this was directed by Steven Fierberg and had a script by Jeffrey Delman (Stuck On You!Deadtime Stories), Thomas Rendon and Evan Dunsky (the creator of Nurse Jackie). It has Tony Todd as Makoute, an evil voodoo priest transforming his workforce into zombies. I mean, it’s cheaper than a health plan.

Gina Gershon plays one of his employees and man, she has some great stories to tell. For example, before this movie, she had just gotten back from New Orleans where she said she met a weird voodoo girl” and came home to a black cat just as the script came. With some reflection, she said that’s not the best way to choose a movie. She also claims that one of the producers didn’t want any chanting in the movie, saying “I don’t want any of that voodoo shit in here.” She asked him why the movie was called Voodoo Dawn.

This also has Raymond St. Jacques, who became the first black actor on a TV series when he was on Rawhide. There’s also Theresa Merritt from The Wiz, the recently deceased Kirk Bailey who was Kevin “Ug” Lee on Salute Your Shorts and Gloria Reuben from ER.

This is much closer to the pre-Romero zombies of White Zombie, so go in with that mindset. And keep in mind that this is not the 1998 Voodoo Dawn which has Roseanna Arquette and Michael Madsen.

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