CULT EPICS BLU RAY RELEASE: Madame Claude (1977)

Inspired by the life of French brothel madam Madame Claude, this Just Jaeckin-directed film has a soundtrack by Serge Gainsbourg. I really don’t know how much sexier a movie can be to be perfectly frank, because I think if you put those two guys together, you might get pregnant just handling this blu ray even if you are a guy.

Madame Claude (Françoise Fabian) has a veritable army of high-class call girls always on call, ready to serve the needs of the elite businessmen of the world. She’s not above getting involved in politics or business or even blackmail, which may come back to hurt her when photographer David Evans (Murray Head, yes, the guy who sang “One Night In Bangkok”) starts taking photos of her ladies as they meet up with their clients.

You know who else is in this? Klaus Kinski, who hated being in the film despite seemingly living a wild life while making it. In his book Kinski Uncut, he claimed “It’s an insult that I have to do the movie Madame Claude, and here in Paris to boot. The salary is also wretched. But we need the money. The girls who play Madame Claude’s prostitutes in the movie **** like professionals. Especially the very young ones, but also the married ones, whom I can **** only if their husbands are briefly out of town. A very young extra has a tiny, almost naked **** like a mouth, very tiny *** cheeks, and very tiny ***. I always have to telephone her ***** mom before I can **** the daughter.”

He’s the first client of the woman who Madame Claude is transforming from innocent to wise to the ways of love, Elizabeth (Dayle Haddon, who was in SpermulaSex with a Smile and is also Pearl Prophet in Cyborg). He wants her to seduce his son and then he breaks his son’s heart by taking her as well.

Jaeckin makes dirty movies, but he also comes close to art. This also gets into conspiracy, U.S. Presidents being serviced by call girls, a chase through Kinski’s home as the photographer is finally caught by numerous agents and — as always — gorgeous women like Fabian, Haddon and Vibeke Knudsen-Bergeron (who was also in Jaeckin’s The Story of O).

The Cult Epics blu ray release of this movie has a 4K HD Transfer from the original 35mm negative supervised by cinematographer Robert Fraisse, as well as commentary by Jeremy Richey, author of the upcoming book Sylvia Kristel: from Emmanuelle to Chabrol. There’s also an interview with Jaeckin, a French trailer, a promotional gallery and a CD of the soundtrack by Gainsbourg. You can get it from MVD.

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