PITTSBURGH MADE: Zombie Jamboree: The 25th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead (1993)

Some of this film feels like home movies from a zombie convention at the Pittsburgh Expo Mart, which used to be right across the parking lot from Monroeville Mall, home of Dawn of the Dead. It also goes into the history of the filmmakers who made Night of the Living Dead, showing commercials for Calgon, Iron City and the Magic Lantern, a device that helps you light your grill faster which is a major deal for Steel City summers.

The convention — I was there, look for a chubby long haired 21-year-old me looking hapless — also had Adam West, Kane Hodder, David Prowse and Gunnar Hansen, as well as people who actually had things to do with Romero’s zombie movies like “Chilly” Billy Cardille and his daughter Lori, who was the star of Day of the Dead.

This also feels like an informerical for things you can’t buy any longer from Russo’s Imagine Inc.There was their new magazine, Scream Queens Illustrated, trading cards and the Scream Queens Swimsuit Sensations video. There’s a near home movie scene of Brinke Stevens arriving and man, while so many actresses seem unapproacable and like androids, Brinke always seem so cute and fun and normal and melts my heart.

Overall, this is like visiting John Russo’s house and him pulling out footage to show you, like “Have you seen the trailer for The Majorettes?” and “Do you like Midnight?”

Definitely when Savini is doing the tour of the mall, well, I am there. He talked about falling on a stunt and his legs being hurt for weeks, as well as the old fountain that was once in the mall.

The quality of this is so bad that it made me wistful for the time of watching camcorder shot footage that just looks like a grainy blur. The fact that people would watch this looking for insights into film and just get footage of Romero hangers on riding the Gateway Clipper makes me deliriously happy.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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