PITTSBURGH MADE: Homecoming (2009)

Directed by Morgan J. Freeman (American Psycho 2) and written by Katie L. Fetting, Jake Goldberger and Frank Hannah, this Pittsburgh-filmed movie features scenes at Shady Side Academy, North Allegheny High School, a community center in Midway and a farm in Bell Township. It starts strong with Mischa Barton driving and crying and just running right through someone.

She plays Shelby, who has just inherited a bowling alley when her mother dies and can barely pay for it. Her old boyfriend Mike (Matt Long) is coming home as they’re retiring his jersey and he’s brought his new girlfriend Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup) with him but as far as Shelby cares, Mike still loves her. Yet Shelby pulls that move where she befriends her enemy and starts to lead her down some dark — and drunken — paths.

That’s when this movie goes back to the beginning and we learn that Shelby has cosplayed Misery, using a car to do the damage, and has taken Elizabeth captive inside her house. Well, she does double Misery by slicing her Achille’s tendons to pieces later. This would be kind of fun if the movie leaned into the obsessive ex genre and make it over the top and fun, but it never gets there or goes there.

Homecoming is smart enough for a Pittsburgh-shot film to use Bingo O’Malley but doesn’t get the area at all, as at one point, Shelby pours Mike an iced tea. He’d just have a carton or jug of Turners if this was a legitimate Pittsburgh movie that truly understands the liquid landscape of our town.

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