PITTSBURGH MADE: Reflections On the Living Dead (1993)

Directed and written by Thomas Brown, this film has a roundtable between George A. Romero, John Russo, Russell Streiner and Karl Hardman as they discuss exactly how Night of the Living Dead was made. You also get to see Karl with Marilyn Eastman as they discuss how they went through library music to get the sound effects and soundtrack for the film under budget, which is worth the price of admission — it’s streaming for free on Tubi but you get the idea — of this documentary.

As a bonus, everyone from Tobe Hooper, Sam Raimi, Wes Craven, John Landis, Fred Olen Ray, David DeCoteau, Chris Gore, David E. Williams and Scott Spiegel speak about what the first modern horror movie means to them.

The best part of this is, as you can imagine, getting the original crew together and hearing how they thought they could make this for $600 each, how that number rapidly increased, the frustration of working for ad agencies, living at the farmhouse, painting a car that was loaned to the production and nearly ruining it, going to Washington D.C. for a quick scene away from Evans City and so much more. It’s a leisurely discussion — the Tempe Video blu ray has the original cut of this and the entire roundtable as an extra so grab it from Diabolik DVD — and everyone seems happy to be there and excited to share their stories.

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