PITTSBURGH MADE: Stigmata (1999)

Sure, this is set in Pittsburgh, but mainly it was shot in Vancouver and Los Angeles, with Pittsburgh only being used for some establishing shots. Let me tell you, there’s no goth clubs like thee one where Frankie Paige (Patricia Arquette) has a freakout and imagines wearing a crown of thorns. I mean, we had Metropol — in the Strip and on the edge — but it never looked that cool, trust me.

All that sigmata — the wounds of Jesus bleeding on the hands, feet and head of a mortal — show up because Frankie’s mother sends her the stolen rosary of dead priest Father Paulo Alameida. Father Andrew Kiernan (Gabriel Byrne) is dispatched by the Vatican to see if her wounds are actually divine.

The whole reason this is happening is that the dead priest had found something like the Gospel of Thomas. The Catholic Church wants it kept quiet because it claims that the Kingdom of God is inside all of us and not a building, which would ruin the little empire they’ve set up.

Amazingly, director Rupert Wainwright followed the movie Blank Check with this, then went on to remake The Fog. This is a Pittsburgh movie that I just can’t deal with as hardly any of the city that I love so much is in this, either in feeling or actually seen. If it was set here, that whole subway scene would be way different, because the T — sorry, the Pittsburgh Regional Transit — doesn’t go all that many places.

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