PITTSBURGH MADE: Milk Money (1994)

Shot in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Lebanon, Ohio, Milk Money is set in the fake Pennsylvania suburb Middleton. There, three kids — Brad (Adam LaVorgna), Frank (Michael Patrick Carter) and Kevin (Brian Christopher) — pay V (Melanie Griffith) to see her nude in the hopes that it gives them an advantage when dealing with girls. She ends up driving them home and staying when her car breaks down, living in Frank’s treehouse and acting like his math tutor and romancing his father (Ed Harris).

While all this is going on, her pimp Cash (Casey Siemaszko) is caught stealing from his boss Waltzer (Malcolm McDowell) who is also stealing from his boss Jerry “The Pope” (Philip Bosco). Cash tells Waltzer that V stole the money before he’s shot, sending the bosses after her with only a warning from fellow sex worker. Betty (Anne Heche) to get out of town.

Directed by Richard Benjamin and written by John Mattson, this is a movie that my wife has liked since she was a kid. I asked her why and she said, “Ed Harris is a sexy beast.” Sometimes, it’s better not knowing.

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