ARROW VIDEO SHAW SCOPE VOLUME 2 BOX SET: Mercenaries from Hong Kong (1982)

If the Shaw Brothers made The Dirty Dozen, well…they did. Mercenaries from Hong Kong starts with Luo Li (Ti Lung) killing two criminals who are attacking a young lady, earning the hate of the biggest crime boss in town. He has to leave Hong Kong before he’s killed but then He Ying (Yu On-On) offers to erase the price on his head. All he has to do is go to Cambodia and find Naiwen (Phillip Ko), the man who killed her father.

To do that, he needs an army. What he gets is a crew that includes explosives king Brand (Nat Chan), knife expert Ruan (Michael Chan Wai Man), gunsmith Lei (Lo Lieh), hand to hand expert Hung Fan (Wang Lung Wei) and a thief by the name of Curry (Wong Yu), all working together to get $1 million each if they successfully complete their mission.

Directed by Wong Jing (God of Gamblers, City Hunter), the last twenty minutes of this movie are absolutely berserk with double crosses, battles in public, a knife throwing backpack, a car blowing up real good, a tragic ending and a grenade death that blew my mind, well…this movie is everything I wanted it to be and so much I had no idea that I needed even more.

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