ARROW VIDEO SHAW SCOPE VOLUME 2 BOX SET: Invincible Shaolin (1978)

When you see that Chang Cheh has made a movie, you realize that you are about to see an above and beyond film. Invincible Shaolin is the story of General Pu (Lung-Wei Wang) trying to destroy both the north and south Shaolin schools through trickery. He invites Pao Sen Tsao (Lu Feng), Su Fong (Sun Chien) and Yang Chung Fei (Chiang Sheng) from the north and their equals from the south to battle one another in a demonstration. The north wins, everyone goes away as friends and then the General kills the southern students and gets out the word that there is a civil war between the Shaolin schools.

The southern master Mai (Chan Sen) finds three new students — Ho Ying Wu (Kuo Choi), Chu (Lo Meng) and Mai Fong (Wei Pai) — and with his dying words inspires them to go on to get revenge which just so happens to be on Sun Chien’s wedding day.

The north and south schools finally battle again in one of the most blood and gore-drenched fight scenes that I’ve seen in a Shaw Brothers movie. Chests are torn open, spears pierce bodies and the villains appear to take advantage of the bad blood that they have engineered between the Shaolin.

As always, Chang Cheh’s themes of brotherhood, valor and betrayal are what moves the story and the fighting is quite strong thanks to the talents of the Venom Mob. What an incredible movie.

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