Tubi picks 26: Albert Pyun

The world lost someone who truly loved film this week. Albert Pyun started his career getting to work in Japanese film thanks to actor Toshiro Mifune and worked on a TV series with him, which allowed him to study with Akira Kurosawa’s Director of Photography Takao Saito. After working in advertising, Pyun made it to Los Angeles where he started to direct films. Sure, he made direct to video and genre films, but even when his movies were made on the absolute cheap, there was a genius to each of them.

I’ll be going deeper into his films in the future but until then, here are a few of the many Albert Pyun movies on Tubi:

1. Cyborg: TUBI LINK

A post-apocalyptic JCVD movie where every character is named for a guitar, made on the abandoned sets of the never-made sequel to Masters of the Universe. Another day at the office for Pyun.

2. The Sword and the Sorcerer: TUBI LINK

Pyun’s first film — and his highest box office as well — has Richard Lynch, Richard Moll, Lee Horsely, Simon MacCorkingdale and a triple-bladed sword. It’s even better than it sounds.

3. Nemesis: TUBI LINK

Pyun once said, “”I have really no interest in cyborgs. And I’ve never really had any interest in post-apocalyptic stories or settings. It just seemed that those situations presented a way for me to make movies with very little money, and to explore ideas that I really wanted to explore…”

But yeah, he made a lot of movies about cyborgs.

4. Arcade: TUBI LINK

It’s like Full Moon wanted a Tron of their own and didn’t think Disney would sue. Well, they did. The movie is still pretty fun and has a wild cast and an early story by David Goyer.

5. Dollman: TUBI LINK

Tim Thomerson is so awesome that he got two different Full Moon characters: Jack Deth and Brick Bardo, who is also known as Dollman. Pyun was so good at comic book-style movies that eventually, he’d get to make one of his own: Captain America.

6. Vicious Lips: TUBI LINK

The Vicious Lips are trying to become the biggest rock band in the galaxy. Made up of Bree Synn (Gina Calabrese, The Dungeonmaster), Wynzi Krodo (Linda Kerridge, Marilyn from Fade to Black!) and Mandaa UUeu (Shayne Farris, who was also in Down Twisted with Kerridge), they’ve just lost their lead singer Ace to, well, death and need to get to a gig across the universe. It’s not perfect but it has a great idea behind it.

7. Journey to the Center of the Earth: TUBI LINK

An absolute mess that was saved by Pyun, who made this movie with zero budget and somehow turned out something. I’m not saying that it’s good, but it is something. I wonder how Pyun got Emo Philips to even be in this.

8. Dangerously Close: TUBI LINK

I love this movie. It’s so odd because the town where it takes place is perfect and yet has more fog than any place in California other than the Sunset Strip. It’s my favorite movie Pyun did and more people need to see it.

9. Bloodmatch: TUBI LINK

Only Pyun could turn a kung fu direct to video film into a noir whodunnit. And here it is.

10. Omega Doom: TUBI LINK

This description should tell you why you need to see this: “In a future Earth where robots rule, a bad robot whose hard drive was destroyed tries to stop a droid civil war in order to find a stash of weapons.” Also: Rutger Hauer and Shannon Whirry are in it.

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