Cecilia (Aisha Dee) and Emma (Hannah Barlow, who co-directed and co-wrote this with Kane Senes) were best friends ten years ago, but life — and something horrifying that we see in a flashback, one of the absolute grossest effects I think I’ve seen in some time — had them move apart. They run into each other, Cecelia is invited on a hens’ weekend to a remote cabin and she runs into her old bully Alex (Emily De Margheriti) and yeah, this getaway is not ending well.

Cecilia has overcome her childhood bullying through self-help. She’s not a doctor, doesn’t profess to be one and does seem to genuinely help other people. She’s also certifiably deranged and even though you can explain so much away from the people she kills, she still kills people.

I’m not a fan of influencers, nor this whole new influencers in horror thing, but this movie is a candy colored slasher and Dee is really good in it. It’s nowhere near the glory slashers of our youth, but come on, did you expect a movie about a murderous slasher to approach the hallowed days of 1978-1981? Don’t. But do expect to be¬†entertained. And don’t ever urinate on a social media influencer’s craft project. Add that to the whole don’t fuck in the woods rules.


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