MONDO MACABRO BLU RAY RELEASE: The Horrible Sexy Vampire (1971)

El vampiro de la autopista has Jess Franco favorite Wal Davis playing both a ghostly baron and that baron’s grandson, so in effect both victimizer and victim. It’s a Spanish film made in snowy Germany and it embraces its Eurohorror vibes by having nudity — and yes, too much talking — every few minutes.

There are so many rules when it comes to inheriting the home of the basement and all of them start with don’t and yes, one of them is don’t go in the basement. There’s also a vampire who doesn’t bite necks but just gently strangles women, often after they’ve taken a bath. I mean, if you have a bathing fetish — I wonder about you sometimes dear reader — this would be the movie for you to savor.

Director and writer José Luis Madrid also directed and wrote Seven Murders for Scotland Yard; this film has an amazing title, great artwork and impeccable scenery. I wish it had more, but sometimes, we must meditate on what we get and just savor pale Spanish vampires and their murder-filled business.

You can get this from Mondo Macabro (at Diabolik DVD) or watch it on Tubi.

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