SYNAPSE BLU RAY REVIEW: Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

Dougie is obsessed with a video game in which he plays Satan’s helper. So when he meets a serial killer in a Satan mask, well, why shouldn’t he believe that he can really help the Lord of the Flies in this world? After all, his sister Jenna picked her new boyfriend Alex over him for Halloween. Also: Amanda Plummer is his mom, so you may understand why he’s a little strange.

Jeff Lieberman is perhaps better known for SquirmBlue Sunshine and Just Before Dawn. Yet this is a really fun movie that more people should be watching, a silly — but never dumb — dark film that somehow has Bob Dylan and Joe Walsh on the soundtrack despite a low budget. The ideas and situations are directly opposite of how original this is. And Satan’s mask? Perfect.

The Synapse blu ray of Satan’s Little Helper has a commentary track by Lieberman, a behind the scenes feature, a making of, a tour of filming locations and a trailer. You can get it from MVD.

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