RONIN FLIX BLU RAY RELEASE: Night Visitor (1989)

First off: writer Randal Viscovich claimed that Night Visitor was plagued with several supernatural occurrences that freaked out the cast and crew. He speculates it had to do with the film’s subject matter of Satanism. Yes! Carny BS!

Billy (Derek Rydall, Phantom Of The Mall) has seen his history teacher Zachary Willard (Allen Garfield) commit a series of occult murders, but who is going to believe a kid that’s always in trouble? The detectives — Ronald Devereaux (Elliott Gould) and Captain Crane (Richard Roundtree)? Or will he and his girlfriend have to go all giallo and solve this themselves?

Man, this movie has a great cast that also includes Michael J. Pollard, Shannon Tweed, Brooke Bundy, Henry Gibson and a cameo by Teri Weigel. I’m also into any movie that took advantage of the Satanic Panic, even if this is a few years late.

The Ronin Flix release of Night Visitor has interviews with Viscovich, director Rupert Hitzig and editor Glenn Erickson and a trailer. You can get it from MVD.

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