Tales from the Darkside episode 21: Bigalow’s Last Smoke

Frank Bigalow (Richard Romanus) is trapped inside an apartment where he’s tortured every time he tries to smoke with only a hole in the wall where he can talk to a fellow smoker. If it makes you remember Cat’s Eye and James Woods trying to quit, well, everyone was trying to stop smoking in 1985.

Director Timna Ramon made two other episodes of this show, “Mookie and Pookie” and “Dream Girl.” The story for this comes from Kenneth Wayne Hanis, who was the construction supervisor for the show, and Craig Mitchell, with the script being written by Michael McDowell, who went on to write Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The house in this is crazy as lights and sirens go off with each puff. I don’t know how this makes you quit. It seems like it makes you lose your mind.

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