SLASHER MONTH: The Vineyard (1989)

Winemaker Dr. Elson Po (James Hong, who directed this with William Rice, and wrote the movie with Douglas Kondo and  James Marlowe)  is growing old, so he takes young people and uses their blood to make wine. He gets a great idea to make a movie about the wine, but that’s just a scam so that he can get some gorgeous young folks to visit and die.

There are some fun moments in this, like the dying people buried in Po’s garden, him ordering the death of his wife’s young lover and a moment where he rapidly ages while making love. No problem — he heads down to the basement for a fresh bottle of that age-defying wine.

Jezebel, one of the main women in this, is played by Playboy March 1982 Playmate of the Month Karen Lorre, who was also in Dangerously Close. I love that all these young American women take one look at Po and say, “He’s so…interesting!” Yes!  He’s going to smash you like a human grape into his favorite chablis! Run!

You can watch this on Tubi.

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