SLASHER MONTH: Boogieman (1989)

This movie begins and ends with interviews with its director Charles E. Cullen who is either the director of movies like The Curse of the Mummy Cat and Killer Klowns from Kansas on Krack or the New Jersey nurse who was the most prolific serial killer ever.

Maybe both.

Anyways, Charles has people asking him questions about his art, which is making a shot on video slasher about the Boogieman, who is the kind of killer who sledgehammers a baby just to show how evil he is.

How do you stop a monster like that? How about a Vietnam vet bounty hunter? What if there was a witch doctor joining him?

This is also in black and white and man, it has a hell of a body count. People are set on ablaze, machetes, chainsaws, rifles and even a car is used. Meanwhile, the music pulses and winds howl and the drone overtakes your mind and you wonder what next level of strange madness is about to emerge from your screen.

According to The Last Exit, Cullen is “an ex-chicken farmer that mixes slow-paced country humor with rural drug-culture and a love for cult, bizarre, trash and horror b-movies. Like a freaky country carnival, he expresses this via many forms of entertainment, including movies, weird country music, puppet shows, homemade TV shows and so on.”

Callen also made Night of the Bums, a movie in which a bat attacks a baby and then bums rip the infant into little bloody chunks. Man, this dude does not seem like he’d be a good dad.

You aren’t raising a kid with him. You’re watching his weird slasher. Relax.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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