SLASHER MONTH: Sin Reaper (2012)

Sam (Helen Mutch) has nightmares of a monastary stalked by a hooded man with weapons from the Crusades killing people left and right. Her therapist Dr. Hoffman (Lance Henriksen) figures out where this places is — a former German monastery called Wallenhausen — so she flies off to explore the place and before you know it, there’s the Sin Reaper murdering people with his Christian-themed mace.

This was directed by Sebastian Bartolitius, somehow was in 3D and got picked up by Fangoria. I have no idea how those last two things happened. This movie also has the slowest killer you’ve ever seen in a slasher. He makes Michael Myers look like Usain Bolt.

I’ve read people say that this seems like a Krimini film or an 80s slasher without the benefit of good kills or the often requisite T&A. I can agree, but those genre usually produce interesting results.

This movie needed better effects, improved blocking for the murder scenes and, well, it needs a lot more than that. It kind of needs to start over again. Imagine if a Full Moon castle-based movie wasn’t good. This is that movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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