Body Organ Replacement Network starts with three of the adopted daughters of Buck and Della Cassidy (Russ and Claire Hagen) being abducted by an evil ambulance that delivers its captives to Hugh (Russ Tamblyn) and his crew of surgeon Dr. Farley (William Smith), nurse Jerry (Clint Howard) and secretary Liz (P.J. Soles) where their organs wil be harvested and sold to rich people.

Sounds good, but then let me tell you: this movie’s second unit director John Stewart and most of the cast also show up in Action U.S.A. so you know that this movie is not going be normal. I mean, there’s a part of the movie that takes place at a charity adopt a grandparent day.

Of course Ross Hagen directed this, so that made me think, did Gary Graver act as his cinematographer? I mean, do I even need IMDB for this movie?

Oh yeah, Rance Howard as a corrupt cop and the alt title of Merchants of Death? Was this made for me? William Smith gravel voiced complaining about livers being bad and saying medical terms is pretty much all I want in this movie watching life.

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