Feng lei mo jing (1972)

The Devil’s Mirror is the story of the Jiuxian Witch and her Bloody Ghouls Clan battle two other clans who both possess magic mirrors known as the Wind and Thunder Magic Mirrors. If the three-eyed witch can get both of those mirrors, she can break down the walls of the tomb of Emperor Wu, take the Fish Intestine sword and the Thousand Year Ganoderma and, one surmises, take over everything. Well, the sword is for invincibility and the herb will allow her to live forever.

The elders of the clans, Golden Lion Chief Wen and the awesome Chief Bai who can fight harder than anyone despite only having one leg, can’t get along. So it will have to be their youngest clan devotees, Wen Jianfeng (Lau Dan) and Bai Xiaofeng (Shu Pei-Pei), who will keep the witch from winning it all, even if she has a spell that turns even the toughest fighters’ faces into wormy scabs and forces them to join her side for the cure.

This movie is also not afraid to spray blood all over the place and features a geyser-spraying beheading. There’s so much blood that it fills up an entire pool. And the witch is horny, I mean, she’ll tell you throughout. In fact, were I a martial arts witch of great power that could fly and had three eyes, I’d be worked up all the time as well.

If you watch one movie where a large martial artist kicks ass while having a spiked peg leg, well, honestly I can’t think of another film that has that.

The first movie that Sun Chung directed for Shaw Brothers, he would go on to make Human Lanterns which is a movie that you must watch and if you’ve already watched it, go ahead and see it again.

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