Hex vs. Witchcraft (1980)

Released the same year as Hex, this sorta sequel is less frightening and more gambling. And sex. Lots of sex. Sex where characters break the fourth wall and speak directly to you while they’re having it.

Chih-Hung Kuei directed this yet there are hardly any of the maggots and worms and murder and weirdness that you want. Instead, it’s about a compulsive gambler by the name of Cai Tou (James Yi Lui) whose bad luck is fixed when a mysterious elderly man fixes him up with the ghost of his daughter.

I mean, his last plan was to get his wife to sleep with the gangster he owed money to, which ended up with her decimating his scrotum and then leaving Cai Tou. Now, he has a spectral wife who is jealous of other women yet is only able to make love to her husband by possessing them.

We live in a weird world where some cultures have gambling movies as an actual genre. Let’s love the fact that so many odd and fascinating subcultures exist.

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