Shen wei san meng long (1980)

Bruce Lee only made four movies but the number of movies made by his imitators could be incalculable.

The Clones of Bruce Lee may be among the strangest of those movies.

Seconds after the death of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong, Colonel Colin (Andy Hannah) of the Special Branch of Investigations and Professor Lucas (Jon T. Benn, who was the bad guy in Lee’s Way of the Dragon) take the samples of the actor’s DNA needed to create three crimefighting remakes, played by Bruce Lai, Bruce Le and Dragon Lee.

While Dragon Lee becomes an actor battling corruption on the sets of the movies that he makes, Bruce Lai and Bruce Le meet up with Chuck, who is played by Bruce Thai and yes, looks just like Bruce Lee. Their job: defeat Dr. Ngai, who has harnessed the secret of the Shaw Brothers bronzemen through scientific means. This isn’t new for director Joseph Velasco, who as Joseph Kong also made Bruce and the Shaolin Bronzemen and Enter the Game of Shaolin Bronzemen.

This movie is as wild as you hoped it would be, from Bolo Yeung (who was Bruce’s enemy in Enter the Dragon) and Chiang Tao training the clones to Professor Lucas turning heel when no one knows just how hard he worked to make these clones of the actor. He decides to kill them all and he’s 33% effective. He does so by making the clones fight one another kind of like a Capcom palette swap.

How exploitative is this movie? It uses footage from Lee’s funeral. It also has the gall to take the theme from Rocky by Bill Conti which you have to grudgingly respect. I mean, what better montage music is there?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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