Mill Creek Through the Decades: 2000s Collection

Wow, was the new millennium twenty years ago? Mill Creek is reminding us how old we all are with the new Through the Decades: 2000s Collection. You get ten movies from that era across a variety of film types so there’s something here for everyone. You can order it from Deep Discount.

I found it pretty wild that there were several Neil LaBute movies on this, as other than his remake of The Wicker Man I had not watched many of his films. The 2000s seem as dark and cynical as the 70s on this set, which had to be some kind of post-millenial tension.

While there aren’t any extras, the films look great and you get a good variety for a decent price. My favorite part of these sets is that they make me watch movies I would have ordinarily never checked out, which is so much of the fun of getting deeper into film.

Here’s what’s on the set:

Nurse Betty (2000): Obsessed with her favorite soap opera character, Dr. David Ravell, Betty travels across the country to meet the man of her dreams while pursued by two hired killers.

One Night at McCool’s(2001): Three different men recall how the beautiful Jewel came into McCool’s one night and brought chaos with her. The problem is their stories just don’t seem to line up.

Spy Game (2001): Retiring CIA agent Nathan Muir works under the table against agency politics to free Tom Bishop, the agent he mentored, after Bishop is captured in China during a mission gone wrong and sentenced to death in 24 hours.

The Emperor’s Club (2002): Idealistic prep schoolteacher William Hundert takes it upon himself to mentor the unruly, troublemaking son of a U.S. Senator.

The Shape of Things (2003): A quiet, unassuming man begins to change in a major way after meeting and falling for a beautiful art student, and his new personality doesn’t sit well with his best friend.

21 Grams (2003): A freak accident intersects the lives of a dying man, a grief-stricken mother, and an ex-con who found God in this gripping drama about consequence and human connection.

Baby Mama (2008): After learning that she has slim chances of getting pregnant, successful businesswoman Kate Holbrook clashes with her surrogate Angie on how best to behave when you’re expecting.

State of Play (2009): The killing of a congressional aide sends Washington, D.C. Journalist Cal McAffrey down a path of cover-ups, corruption, and corporate conspiracies.

The Hitcher (2007): When a young couple picks up a seemingly harmless hitchhiker, a good deed becomes a brutal, edge-of-your-seat fight for survival with the open road as the battlefield.

Cry Wolf (2005): Eight students at a well-to-do boarding school find that their usual games of lies and deception are no laughing matter when people start dying and no one can be trusted.

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