MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Through the Decades: 2000s Collection: Spy Game (2001)

Tony Scott’s Spy Game unites Brad Pitt and Robert Redford, two gorgeous actors who became known just as much for their acting as their looks as their careers progressed onward.

Redford is CIA Case Officer Nathan D. Muir and Pitt is an agent he mentored, Tom Bishop. Bishop has been detained in China along with his lover, relief worker Elizabeth Hadley (Catherine McCormack), a civilian asset that broke up the friendship between the two men.

Even though Muir is retiring, he feels that he must atone for the way that he and Bishop came to stop being so close by rescuing him, even if he must put his long career and accomplishments on the line to make it happen.

This movie was very important to the people who made it: Pitt turned down The Bourne Identity while Scott felt that a helicopter was so necessary to the Berlin scene that he paid for it himself.

I don’t think this movie would have the same impact without the two stars, but I’m also a big fan of Tony Scott’s films. He could make something that would be total junk by anyone else yet would find so much personal art within it that you couldn’t help but watch the final film.

The Mill Creek Through the Decades: 2000s Collection has some great movies for a great price like Nurse BettyOne Night at McCool’sThe Emperor’s Club, The Shape of Things, 21 Grams, Baby Mama, State of PlayThe Hitcher and Cry Wolf. You can order it from Deep Discount.

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