Tales from the Darkside episode 16: The Tear Collector

Directed and co-written by John Drimmer, who wrote it with Geoffrey Loftus from a story by Donald Olson, this stars Jessica Harper — who must wonder why she keeps being in cult shows that only I care about. I mean, yes, everyone loves Suspiria, but also Phantom of the ParadiseShock Treatment and Pennies from Heaven? — as Prudence, a depressed woman who can’t stop crying and her relationship with Ambrose Cavender (Victor Garber, one of those actors who is just about everything and you can never place them), a man who collects her tears.

So many of the reviews online hate this episode because it’s not really horror. That’s why I liked it, as beyond being well-filmed, it’s also a meditation on the true darkest side of life, being all about depression and loneliness.

Plus — Eric Bogosian as an angry junkie!

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