SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Virus :32 (2022)

Man, everybody is making virus movies now. After enduring — and I say that in the best way — The Sadness, can another virus film even measure up? Gustavo Hernández’s Virus :32 is ready to try. It has an interesting hook, in which a rapidly spreading virus transforms people into intelligent, ultra-violent, extra-fast zombies.

So what is the 32? Well, after they attack, they’re left incapacitated for 32 seconds.

The streets of Montevideo are on fire and the zombies keep hunting and killing anyone who has not been infected. Yet within the sports club where Iris (Paula Silva) works as a security guard, she and her daughter Tata (Pilar Garcia) are unaware that the world is ending.

There have been so many zombie movies that I am frankly a zombie when it comes to them. Yet I did like that this movie attempts to tell the story of the bond between mother and daughter even in the face of horror. Or in the case of Louis (Daniel Hendler), he will do anything he can to save his already infected wife.

This movie also has a great location, as the giant cavernous gym creates so many opportunities for frightening moments. And that drone shot at the beginning sets up such a world to be destroyed and then to be chased within.

If you still have some love in your heart for the shambling masses of the living dead or the infected or whatever you want to call them, Virus :32 isn’t a bad use of your living minutes.

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