SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: They Live In the Grey (2022)

Directed and written by brothers Avel and Burlee Vang (Bedeviled), this film is about Claire Yang (Michelle Krusiec) a social worker checking in on the case of Sophie Lang (Madelyn Grace) and her parents Audrey (Ellen Wroe) and Giles (J.R. Cacia). Yet Claire’s life may be even tenser than those of her clients, as she lost her son Lucas in a hit and run accident and the aftermath broke up her marriage to Peter (Ken Kirby). Oh yeah — she also sleeps in her closet because she keeps seeing visions after that traumatic event.

Those visions increase when she visits the Yang family, so she steps away from their case. Yet Sophie keeps getting bruises that her family claims are supernatural. She’s taken away from her parents, so Claire steps in to help. She attempts to contact the spirit — a woman in white — from the Lang home, but has an out of body experience and passes out. This costs her her job and she turns to her husband after finding some closure over the death of Lucas. Yet when she comes back home, the woman in white is there and informs her that she was trying to protect Sophie from Audrey. That’s when she rushes back to the Lang home in the hopes of saving everyone.

They Live In the Grey is decent yet really feels like it could have been trimmed down somewhat. At almost two hours long, it feels like it can’t decide whether it wants to scare you or have an extended conversation. With some tighter editing, I feel that this would have been a better film, but I’d love to know the intentions of the filmmakers.

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