Tales from the Darkside episode 15: “Answer Me”

Directed by Richard Friedman (Scared StiffDoom Asylum, Phantom of the Mall) and written by Michael McDowell (Beetlejuice) and Dennis Schuetz, “Answer Me” is nearly a one room, one person episode, as Joan Matlin (Jean Marsh, Return to OzWillow) is an actress who is jet lagged by a London to New York City flight and trying to get sleep before an audition the next day. The phone never stops ringing in another apartment and she slowly goes insane from all of the noise.

Yet when she looks inside, no one is there. That’s pretty much the whole episode until the conclusion, which is how most episodes of this show work out, right? That said, this one has decent acting and when you only have a bit more than twenty minutes, it doesn’t wear out its welcome. I often wonder why so many of these episodes have unlikeable protagonists. I guess in the 80s, no one was all that likeable.

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