CANNON MONTH 2: Hot Under the Collar (1991)

Why yes, director and star Richard Gabai made a sequel to Virgin High and stuck with the same concept. He plays Jerry Kaminski again — the same name as the co-writer of this movie

According to David Wain on The Schlock Pit, all it took were a few stills from Gabai’s original movie to get him to sign off on a sequel. In this one, he has a new girlfriend named Monica (Melinda Clarke, who let’s face it, Tracy Dali was very cute, but this is Melinda Clarke) who is in a convent due to hypnosis gone wrong. Now our hero has to become a priest again and get his girl out of there.

This film also has a supreme meta moment for Cannon fans, as one of the nuns in training, Sherry (Karman Kruschke), confesses to Monica that she was thinking impure thoughts about Mel Gibson. Monica replies, “It’s fine. I was thinking about Menahem Golan.” Also Bruce-sploitation star (Bloody FistsFrom China with Death) Bruce Ly (also known as Yung Henry Yu) wanders in as himself and saves Gabai’s character, attacks the camera crew and then realizes that he’s in the wrong movie.

To top that: Burt Ward as the Pope, somehow topping his work in Gabai’s original.

And there’s a musical number!

I have no idea why this movie exists but I’m not sad that I watched it.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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