Tales from the Darkside episode 13: “Anniversary Dinner”

Henry and Elinor Colander (Mario Roccuzzo and Alice Ghostley) are making a special meal for their 25th anniversary. Yet they still have a place at the table for Sybil (Fredrica Duke), a girl they’ve just met who has broken up with her boyfriend Mark (Michael Cedar).

Directed by John Strysik and written by James Houghton, this was based on a story by D.J. Pass that originally was printed in Twilight Zone magazine. Obviously, you can tell the direction that this is all heading as soon as it starts, but it’s still a pretty solid episode that doesn’t descend into the silliness that some Darkside entries get into.

Ghostley’s acting makes this episode. If it was filmed today, they would probably lean in more toward the idea that the old couple doesn’t want children but a young woman to spice up their sex lives. But hey — it was 1985. That certainly happened, but it wasn’t as prevalent as the internet allows us to believe.

Look — if you’re hiking with your abusive partner and suddenly a nice couple wants you to get into the jacuzzi in a room full of animal heads, don’t. Just don’t.


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