Here are this week’s Tubi picks! You can check out all of our Tubi movies on Letterboxd.

1.  The IncubusTUBI LINK

John Cassavetes made some of the best movies of all time. He also was in The Incubus, a movie about demon cocks.

2. A Quiet Place to Kill: TUBI LINK

I think I love Carroll Baker more than nearly all of my ex-girlfriends put together. I also like Umberto Lenzi more than a lot of people and hey, let’s not even get started on the guy who shot this, Joe D’Amato. There’s a lot to love in this movie.

3. Bell from Hell: TUBI LINK

Dreamy at times, brutally realistic at others, the real strange thing about this film is that director Claudio Guerín died when he fell — or jumped — from the tower housing the title bell on the last day of shooting.

4. The Graveyard: TUBI LINK

Lana Turner hates cats and loves people. If you know, you know.

5. The Invasion of Carol Enders: TUBI LINK

A shot on video made for TV movie about murder and ghosts? Man, Tubi, you treat us so well.

6. The Pit and the Pendulum: TUBI LINK

Barbara Steele and Vincent Price in the same movie. We really don’t deserve this and here it is, a movie that destroys me every single time I watch it. Price is incredible in it and Barbara Steele’s eyes inspired me to write a song about them.

7. Deadly Strangers: TUBI LINK

Hayley Mills in a giallo? Yes. It happened. I mean, it’s not a true Italian psychosexual nightmare but it’s so close.

8. Road Games: TUBI LINK

How many times can you try to kill Jamie Lee Curtis in 1981? Twice, which is one less than 1980.

9. Eaten Alive: TUBI LINK

If you watch the weekly Drive-In Asylum Double Feature, take this as an absolute spoiler that this movie will be on the show.

10. Eaten Alive!: TUBI LINK

Yeah, that’s two Umberto Lenzi movies but it’s also two movies with the same title and that’s pretty great. This movie is going to punch you as hard as it can and you’re going to let it.

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