Deadly Strangers (1975)

Someone has escaped Greenwood Mental Hospital, broken into someone’s home and stolen a car. And now, they’re on the loose.

Could it be Stephen Slade? He has the same car as the one that has just been stolen. And why is he stalking Belle Adams (Hayley Mills!) when she heads home from the bar with a truck driver that assaults her? He saves her and then keeps telling her less than truths to stay in her company.

The evidence keeps piling up, as through flashbacks gradually reveal that Stephen is a voyeur — and Belle is an abused orphan whose uncle used to watch her, so maybe they aren’t meant to be — and when they stop for gas, the one lone female employee ends up dead.

As they avoid roadblocks — at first because Stephen’s been drinking and later because they may have injured a motorcyclist who was bothering them — it seems like they’re growing closer. But is that the worst possible thing for Belle? Or Stephen?

Directed by Sidney Hayers (Burn, Witch BurnAssault), this film definitely has the giallo vibes of red herrings, mistaken identity and a question of who the killer is well in hand. This doesn’t get discussed much but it’s definitely worth a watch.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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