CANNON MONTH 2: Code of Silence (1985)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hollywood Harry was produced by Orion Pictures but was sold on videotape by HBO/Cannon Video.

Screenwriters Michael Butler and Dennis Shryack originally wrote this movie as Dirty Harry IV: Code of Silence. After a few years of it being in development, it ended up getting bought by Orion, Kris Kristofferson being attached and then Chuck Norris coming on.

Sergeant Eddie Cusack (Chuck Norris) and his team of Chicago Police detectives — including Dennis Farina as his partner Dorato; Farina was an actual Chicago cop at the time and was moonlighting — had the perfect sting set up on cocaine supplier Victor Comacho (Ron Henriquez). Then, a rival gang mafia drug lord Tony Luna (Mike Genovese) reveals themselves and kills nearly everyone. Even worse, a drunk cop named Cragie (Ralph Foody) accidentally kills a bystander and plants a weapon on him; Lieutenant Kobas (Joseph Kosala) catches him.

With the ruined op and refusing to support Cragie, Cusack isn’t every cop’s favorite officer right now. Somehow, things get worse as Luis Comacho (Henry Silva), Victor’s older brother, initiates a bloody gang war that rips the city to shreds. Tony Luna tries to leave town as his entire family is gunned down and Comacho has targeted his daughter Diana Luna (Molly Hagan) as next to be killed.

By the end of the movie, Chuck is shooting everything in sight and is backed up by the Prowler, a three-axle robot. I mean, how incredible is that? Chuck Norris and a robot killing gang members? I also love that John Mahoney is the guy selling the Prowler to the police.

Andrew Davis directed The Final Terror before this and would go on to be known as an action director, making movies like Above the LawUnder SiegeThe Fugitive and Collateral Damage.

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