POPCORN FRIGHTS: Tiny Cinema (2022)

“This is the kind of place that will make you feel uncomfortable, I can promise you that.”

Tiny Cinema is an anthology film that presents quick blasts of story and obscene humor. It starts with “Game Night,” in which one partygoer becomes obsessed with who she is after being told “That’s what she said.” Then, in “Edna,” a woman finds her perfect partner in a corpse. That is, until he comes back to life. “Daddy’s Home” is about a great date, some cocaine and the body horror of becoming your parents. There’s also a throwaway story about some gangsters who want someone to sleep with their mother and “Deep Impact,” a tale of a man’s future sex wanting to make love to his past younger body to save the world. Oh yeah — there’s also a gang of friends who want to give their friend his first orgasm which can only be achieved by escalating levels of crime and violence.

Tyler Cornack and Ryan Koch also made Butt Boy, a film in which its hero put objects and people up his, well, butt. This movie takes that level of ridiculousness and amps it up to an absurd degree. Written along with William Morean, this is a constantly changing freakshow of madness, hosted by Paul Ford, who speaks directly to the audience and comments on just how weird everything gets.

If you’re not easily offended, well, you may still be offended. But if you’re ready for something that will challenge your resolve, Tiny Cinema has a seat for you.

I watched Tiny Cinema at Popcorn Frights and it will soon be available to watch on VOD

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