The Ghost Lights (2022)

Alex (Katreeva Phillips) is a journalist who returns home after the death of her estranged father Aurthur (John Francis McCullagh) and finds a cassette tape detailing the mysterious lights that he saw over the skies of West Texas and grew obsessed by. Her sister refuses to see her and had the funeral without her and she has no way to get closure so she decides to connect with her father by listening to the tape and following the path he went down.

As I’ve said before and will again about horror movies, never go back home. Never settle your family’s affairs. Leave the past alone. That said, without this, we’d have no movie, so let’s get into it.

Director and writer Timothy Stevens lays out this yarn in which Alex listens to the fifty-year-old tape of her father speaking to a man named Mario (Billy Blair) who sounds lucid yet explains how the ghost lights cause people to disappear and the men in black who are hunting him. As she gets closer to the true, she notices her very own man in black (Timothy Stevens) tailing her and visions of her father telling her to turn back.

It’s an interesting take on a UFO movie, one that follows the stages of grief more than Majestic 12.

The Ghost Lights is now available on digital and will be on the Terror Films YouTube channel on September 2 and Kings of Horror on September 9.

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