The Day After Halloween (2022)

No, this has nothing to do with 1979’s The Day After Halloween.

Every year, lifelong friends Addison (Danny Schluck, who wrote this) and Hayes (Brandon DeLany) have a Halloween party at the drive-in that Addison operates and then an after-party. It’s always a lot of fun. So how did this year’s party end with the corpse of Addison’s ex (Aimee Fogelman) in the bathtub? Seeing as how the boys were both blackout drunk, they better find out and find out fast.

This movie would be better if it was presented in a linear structure, as it bounces around so much that it’s difficult to follow. But even if that still happened, the fact that every female character doesn’t have a name and is instead named after their role in the film kind of makes me not all that into this. Throw in some humor that is just in your face instead of provocative — a character is painting a sign with an unfinished racist slur at one point — and you have a film with unlikeable leads, unlikeable side characters and a frankly unlikeable plot.

Hey — at least some of this was filmed at the Mahoning Drive-In. And I liked some of the very in-your-face dialogue that Fogelman says, but so much of this feels like a drag. This is being sold as “The Hangover meets horror!” but perhaps they meant that it has all the pain of an actual hangover, not the movie that is being referenced.

The Day After Halloween is available on VOD and digital platforms from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight.

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