Movers Ultimate (2022)

Written and directed by Ben Rood, this is the story of Ryan (Shawn Knox) and Chad (Andy J. Carlson), two movers who want to go to their ten-year high school reunion but have to get the job of moving Meredith (Annalese Poorman) and her three kids out of the way but it’s literally one of those jobs that never seems to end. Even when reinforcements are called in, the job seemingly gets rougher, and the unresolved issues between our heroes seem to stand in the way of them getting done, grabbing a shower and making it to the reunion in time to win back the girls that got away all those years ago.

Movers Ultimate was shot in Cincinnati, but Sé Marie, who plays Meredith’s daughter Susan, is from Jefferson Hills, which is literally miles away from my South Hills of Pittsburgh home. She’s really funny in the film, as is nearly the entire cast. This seemed like a movie that was a blast to make and has the feel of late 90s and early 00s comedies. It’s a welcome find!

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