TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Requiem for a Scream (2022)

A killer is trying to compose a symphony made up of the screams of his victims. At the very same time, Artemis ( Cassandra Scerbo) is planning a party at her parents’ vacant lake house, which is right next door to the RV that a killing machine named Caleb (Michael X. Sommers) is using. Yes, it’s a new RV slasher — you can add it to the list of movies like Hitcher In the DarkThe ToyboxThe Hills Have EyesThe Hills Have Eyes Part IIRace With the DevilCrowsnestDeath Valley and Motor Home Massacre.

Directed by Ben Meyerson (Deadly Girls Night Out), Requiem for a Scream was produced by Cartel Pictures (Shudder’s Creepshow and Syfy’s upcoming Day of the Dead series) so it looks really great. In fact, there’s a scene in the woods — and a mask — that reminds me of Sergio Martino’s Torso.

Her friends Shira (Georgia Leva), Delan (Zachary Roozen, Romeo and Juliet Killers), Theo (Brandon Santana), Ellen (Erica Shaffer), Alex (India McGee) all come out to visit — and do coke and watch Night of the Living Dead on an iPhone — while Caleb haunts the halls with a hammer.

Writers Jordan Robinson and Andre Puca have put together a slasher that has some decent blood and guys, as well as a nailgun getting used in a particularly nasty way. I’m all for more slashers getting made particularly ones that take it somewhat seriously and the throat slash murder of Shira really surprised me.

It’s not The Prowler (or any one of the slashers of 1981, perhaps the last year where they were all something wonderful) but it’s definitely a lot of fun. That’s high praise for a 2022 stalk and slash.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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