CANNON MONTH 2: The Swap (1979)

Directed by John C. Broderick — who would be the guy who screwed over William Stout on The Warrior and the Sorceress — and Exorcist and Wolfen editor Jordan Leondopoulos, The Swap isn’t really about Robert De Niro no matter what the poster says. Instead, he’s the brother of the protagonist Vito Nicoletti (Anthony Charnota) and is killed in a flashback, ending Vito after the real killers who wanted a porn film that Sam was editing. Thanks to the help of an actress named Vivian (Lisa Blount, Dead and Buried), he tracks them down and takes them out.

As for those scenes, they are re-used shots and out-takes from Broderick and Leondopoulo’s first feature film, Sam’s Song, and were used without De Niro’s knowledge or permission. Things are a bit hard to follow as time keeps shifting and so do the people playing in the film. For example, one of the femme fatales, Erica Moore, is played by two totally different actresses. When the scenes are in 1969, she’s Jennifer Warren (Night MovesSlap Shot) and in 1979, she’s Sybil Danning. Now, Warren is quite striking, but she’s not Sybil Danning.

Speaking of those 1969 scenes, The Girl with the Hourglass is Factory Girl Viva, who also appears in Forbidden Zone, Flash Gordon and has real intercourse in Warhol’s Blue Movie.

As you can imagine, this movie makes little to no sense. Sam’s Song gets used to create something that kind of is coherent, but you can also see why De Niro was so angry when this movie had his name on the poster as its star.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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