TUBI PICKS (week 15)

Welcome back to a better late than never guide to what you could be watching on Tubi.

1.  Beyond the DarknessTUBI LINK

I despise anyone who calls Joe D’Amato a hack. This movie is my evidence. This Goblin soundtrack is my church hymns. All hail the maniac who made this movie.

2. Doom Asylum: TUBI LINK

Fake movie punks — Tina and the Tots! — join a serial killer named The Coroner, Patty Mullen from Frankenhooker and, perhaps strangest of all, Kristen Davis in a slasher no one talks about.

3. UninvitedTUBI LINK

George Kennedy never said no. This is the most obvious example. Watch it and think a kind thought for him.

4. Hillbillys In a Haunted House: TUBI LINK

Not to be one of those shippers I read about, but I really hope Ferlin Huskey fucked the shit out of Joi Lansing. There, I said it. I stand behind it. I believe in love.

5. Hell of the Living Dead: TUBI LINK

Speaking of love, Bruno Mattei. That dude. I love that dude. This movie is completely the silliest and perhaps most poorly made zombie movie you’ll see and I will defend it with fists. Such is the way of my heart.

6. Invitation to Hell: TUBI LINK

I hate Wes Craven’s movies, his whining about why they never went right and the people that think that Scream means anything. But if he only made TV movies, well, I would have loved him. Because the dude knew that if you combine Satanism, Susan Lucci, Robert Urich and action figure special effects that I will fall for it every single time.

7. Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors: TUBI LINK

If you get on a train and Doctor Schreck wants to do his Tarot reading for you, just politely demur. You’ll learn why when you watch this.

8. Horror High: TUBI LINK

More people should watch this movie. Like, you should watch this right now. If you’re busy, change your plans.

9. Legend of the Werewolf Woman: TUBI LINK

My love for the goofy side of horror is well-documented by myself. Also, my zeal for movies where monsters are all about fucking. I mean, this is a whole movie about a wolf woman who just wants to howl at the moon. Get into it.

10. Freeway: TUBI LINK

There’s no way this movie should be so good, but somehow, it surprises you at every single opportunity. Also: Brooke Shields is in it!

You can see all of the Tubi picks from this series on Letterboxd.

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