CANNON MONTH 2: Little Girl… Big Tease (1976)

Sixteen-year-old Virginia Morgan (Jody Ray) has been kidnapped by two men — J.D. (Robert Furey) and Dakota (Phil Dendone)– and her high school economics teacher Alva Coward (Mary Mendum using the alias Rebecca Brooke; she’s also in Cherry Hill HighThe Groove Tube and Joe Sarno’s Confessions of a Young American Housewife). All three of them end up in bed with her, whether by force from the musclebound Dakota, being seduced by Alva or falling for the leader, J.D. Actually, young Virginia ends up getting into a poly relationship — a quad — with all of them and has no intention of going back to her rich daddy.

The disturbing part is that Virginia acts as if she’s not even near puberty, despite having a boyfriend, and the movie ends as the cops find her left behind all tied up and we see a montage of every single one of her sex scenes as she hugs her father, then the camera zooms in on her innocent face.

Director Roberto Mitrotti mostly made documentaries after this. While this movie may think you’re about to watch something on the level of The Candy Snatchers, this seems to stick more to softcore than a movie out to upset you.

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