MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Weekend Warrior (2021)

A fun-filled camping trip turns into a desperate fight for survival after Scottie (Jason Gross) and Jamie (Juliet Rusche) end up witnessing their Uncle Joey (Jason London) being murdered by Wesley (Daniel de Weldon) after he suspects Joey of making time with his girl Amy (Pilot Paisley-Rose). As the young kids endure the harsh side of nature, the harsher side of its wildlife and Wesley’s henchmen, all to get back to civilization. 

Luckily, they have Chief Baumgardner (Corbin Bernsen), a local policeman, on their side.

Directed by Brett Bortle and Ritchie Greer, who also wrote the movie, this is a tense thriller with great scenery and an awesome bear attack. In fact, I think more movies should have bear attacks. The film doesn’t shy away from putting its young leads in harm’s way and there’s plenty of suspense on hand.

You can learn more about this movie on the official Mill Creek site and the official web site for the film. You can buy it from Deep Discount.

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