MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: County Line/All In (2022)

Tom Wopat returns as Sheriff Alden Rockwell in the sequel to 2017’s County Line. He has to work with neighboring lawman Sheriff Jo Porter (Kelsey Crane) whose modern policework clashes with his small town old school ways. But when a lawyer being killed on their county line is the first in a series of murders, they have to figure out how to work together.

I hadn’t seen the first film but I really enjoyed the way that Wopat plays an aging lawman who still has something to offer and a devotion to upholding the rules and protecting his people. He’s dealing with the loss of his wife and impending retirement, to which Wopat adds a certain gravitas to.

Plus, Abbi Butler is really good as his daughter Ember and it’s nice to see Patricia Richardson from Home Improvement in the cast.

Director Brent Christy will be directing the next movie in this series, County Line: No Fear, while writer James Phillips has plenty of experience in episodic TV.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly — there’s some murder and explosions, but it’s tastefully done — action and detective work, County Line/All In is a great choice.

You can learn more about County Line/All In on the official Mill Creek site. You can buy this movie from Deep Discount.

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