CANNON MONTH 2: Challenge of the Dragon (1974)

Oh man, sometimes life is confusing. Like how 21st Century put out Challenge the Dragon in 1973 (Kuan-Chang Li’s  Meng hu chuang guan) and Cannon released Challenge the Dragon (Hai-Feng Wei’s Long hu tan) in 1973. To compound trivia here, Menahem Golen, while known for his time at Cannon would also later be the head of 21st Century.

That company was founded by Tom Ward and Art Schweitzer who would later purchase the films of Dimension Pictures — not the Weinsteins — and release several movies for the VCR market on Planet Video and Continental Video. When they eventually filed for bankruptcy, 21st Century was purchased by Giancarlo Parretti, the new owner of The Cannon Group, which was renamed Pathé Communications. As part of Menahem’s agreement to leave, he was given 21st Century Film Corporation, along with the rights to Spider-Man and Captain America.

But that was years from now.

As China battles the invading armies of Japan, Chinese secret agent Huan (Michael Wai-Man Chan) attempts to discover who killed his uncle while fighting everyone he can find. This was directed by Hai-Feng Wei (Snake Fist Fighter) and written by Wai-Ming Cheng. They also call Huan the Dragon, so if you like Bruce Lee…

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