NORTH BEND FILM FEST: The Civil Dead (2022)

Clay (Clay Tatum, the director and co-writer of this movie) is an unemployed photographer and scam artist who decides to hang out with an old friend named Whit (Whitmer Thomas, who co-wrote the script) when his wife Whitney (Whitney Witt) is out of town. He soon learns that the acquaintance whom he lost track of is actually dead and now plans on haunting him.

Whit is excited to have a friend that can see him, yet Clay hates everyone and only barely likes his wife, who is due back at any time and he certainly can’t be haunted when she gets home.

This is cringe-inducing humor meets horror, which is an intriguing mix, and Tatum and Thomas really play well off of one another. It’s also quite black in its humor, reveling in the ways that human beings can treat each other horribly and their selves even worse.

I watched this at the North Bend Film Festival and will update this review with information on where to watch this when it is more widely released.

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