NORTH BEND FILM FEST: Scooter (2022)

Abandoned by her boyfriend in the middle of the night, Adrienne (Anita Abdinezhad, Eradication) picks up a scooter and rides — Pushes? Shuffles? Kick, kick pushes? — off to her destiny: a rescue mission with a tied-up woman trapped in the back of a van.

Director and writer Chelsea Lupkin has created an intriguing film that starts off quick, as Adrienne jumps from a convertible driven by a boyfriend who is all over her, yelling at the way she’s acted, telling her, “You were meant to behave” and “You wouldn’t stop talking and we all had to be polite to you.”

Before she knows it, she’s going beyond “it’s none of my business” to get involved in freeing said tied-up woman and dealing with her fast food eating captors — who appear to be very Mormon missionaries in formal dress — who claim to have found and captured an actual demon, one that Adrienne has freed.

This movie is gorgeous. It uses its short running time to deliver more character and scares than most of the bloated Hollywood films that I’ll see this year. Seriously, this really got me, a near-perfect mix of sight, sound and story. It’s really and truly something else.

I watched this at North Bend Fim Festival. When this has a wider release, I will update this post. You can learn more about Scooter at the official web site.

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